Is time-traveling real? It seems…

Look at around you! There are a lot of sophisticated technologies you may see, computer, smartphone, television, radio and so on are the examples. Those things could be seen right now if there is no big advancement in science and technology, couldn’t it?

The gradual improvement of science leads us to have a better understanding of phenomenon around us and creates better technologies, for instance, if Archimedes didn’t bring his king’s crown for having a bath with him, we might be never going to sail in the sea, or maybe if Newton never observed how an apple fell from its tree, we might never know how to fly. Those instances are two among many more examples of how a phenomenon around learned as science. So, how science affects our life?

Currently, science is being used as the foundation in engineering. It can be said that without a sufficient understanding of science, we might not have a good enhancement of the technology because engineering meaning is close to technology. Do you think that the improvement will drive us to have a time-machine? For me, it can be said yes! It seems obvious to me since digital technology appears in the 20s. Digital technology brings us to have more flexible and huge data transmission. Do you think that I am thinking if we transform ourselves self become data then send them into a particular time means that we can travel either to the past or feature? Yes! You’re right!

Do you know the flash disk? Yes, it’s a tool to save your data and move it to another device. Furthermore, today’s technology can store the data in the cloud which is called cloud storage. It is a kind of storage that is digitally saved, so every single thing in this world is quantized then kept as a number online. Simply, I might think that the way how those devices work is quite similar to how humans could travel in time by turning our body into numbers then send it to a particular time, this is slightly the same as how our sound is sent to another place using a smartphone. However, there is still a question, the phone only transfers physical things to another place but it doesn’t send either to the past or future. That notion might lead you to get back to take a grain of salt of a time machine and it’s okay, but have you ever thought about why we exist in this world?

I mean that as far as we know in mathematics or something like that is a body formed in three-dimensional, so you can hold while reading it. However, we might forget about the time-axis or I would say four-dimensional because if we don’t exist in time, it means that we will never have a shape in this world or maybe you might exist in this second but disappear in the next second, mightn’t it? That makes me think a time machine can be built in the far-future. Thus, a time machine probably can be developed but there is long research that should be done before we go with it. How about you? Do you think the same?




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